The 8 Minute Photography Drill- Telling your picture perfect story

September 7, 2017

Everyone loves a great story, telling a great story isn't as simple as it seems. In this 8 Minute Drill, Pro Photographer Keith B Dixon talks about how he approaches his street, environment, and urban landscape photos in his work. He also talks about his influence and the importance of using various techniques and visual design concepts to draw your audience into an image. 

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The 8 Minute Photography Drill- Using Shutter Speed Creatively

September 5, 2017

Time is one of the most valuable commodities we have. Since there are only 1440 Minutes in a day and photography takes a lifetime to learn we need quick and decisive information. "The 8 Eight Minute Photography Drill” is designed to deliver the most significant principal photography education possible. Each 8-minute program offers 3 points that will help you to understand how to apply technique, fundamentals, and information related to the photographic reproduction process. 

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The Key to Creating Great Business Depends on Your Values.

July 30, 2017
"Get into your feelings and manage them if you want to be progressive" Make no mistake, your personal life affects everything you do in business. Separating out your personal feelings in a business situation is one the hardest things to do for most anyone. The key to controlling your feelings while thinking and making a decision logically requires a deep understanding of how you value others and yourself. 
Values drive successes that lead to progression. Pro Photographer and Serial Entrepreneur Keith B Dixon talks about the importance of values in the way we make decisions about people, our business, and ourselves.    

Adobe Evangelist & Photographer Terry White Share his 21 Years of Experience in Technology

July 24, 2017

Terry L White

"Principal Worldwide Design & Photography Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc. Terry has been with Adobe for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Professional product line. In his current position, he leads the charge of getting customers excited and educated about  Adobe Creative Cloud products and services. Terry is an Adobe Certified Expert. In 2016 Terry White was the 34th inductee into the Photoshop Hall of Fame.

He has been active in the industry for over 25 years and is the founder and past president of MacGroup-Detroit, “ Michigan’s largest Macintosh users group. Terry is the host of the top ranked award winning Adobe Creative Cloud TV and has one of the most popular channels on YouTube. He is also the author of Secrets of the Adobe Bridge and co-author of The iPhone BookThe iPhone Book 2nd EditionThe iPhone Book 3rd EditionThe iPhone Book 4th EditionThe iPhone Book 5th EditionThe iPhone Book 6th Edition and InDesign CS/CS2 Killer Tips."

Source: Mac Group

On the Episode we cover:

1. The Back Story- who is Terry White 

2. What is an Adobe Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist 

3. Cheryl Sandberg- your not a Brand

4. What inspired you about tech-what is your driving force?

5. The biggest crowd you spoke to- Do you get nervous? 

6. How do you keep up with tech

7. Moving into a cloud base environment as photographer

8. Moving past Resistance- Why you should?

9. Adobe Stock- you can actually make a living selling stock photos

10. Let side bar- Steve Wozniak, 911, and how did you feel at that time 

11. What are you going to do next as a photographer, author, digital pro?


When is to much technology enough?

July 16, 2017
On this edition of Post Cast 71617, Keith talks about technology, specifically on how apps and processes help us, and how sometimes we over applicate, or use technology in a way that causes to lose touch with traditional ourselves and clients.   
During this podcast, Keith also shares his views on how technology affects our lives and decision as business owners and everyday people. Keith also shares his thought on the following:
  1. This App that App; how many Apps do we need?
  2. We Use Apps for Everything is that important or a way to profit
  3. Does it Work For You, if so, keep using it? 
  4. Cost Factors aren't always related to money!
  5. Productivity- is technology making you better?
  6. Workflow is a part of our everyday life even our personal life 
  7. Consistency is a big part of how technology prove itself valuable

A Interview with Celebrity Fashion Photographer Matthew Jordan Smith

June 17, 2017
Matthew Jordan Smith, a New York Native, best known for his work on America Top Model and his images he has created for Samuel L Jackson, Oprah, and hundreds of ad campaigns. Matthew has also worked with some biggest executives in the world photographing headshots and editorial features.

As an educator, Matthew has appeared on Creative Live and recently published Future American President

"Future American President is a visual journey of the American dream seen through the eyes of our least cynical and most helpful citizens, our children. Conceived and brought to life by renowned photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, it is a reminder that every child has the right to aspire to greatness and ultimately achieve it. Matthew's pictures celebrate the best of the American spirit while inspiring children to dream big and never give up……..”

Matthew has an image on Display in Smithsonian National African American Museum of History and Culture, and he is a recipient of the Xposure 101 Legends Award.


An Interview with Official NFL 49ers Team Photographer Terrell Llyod

May 29, 2017
On this Pod Cast, Keith B Dixon interviews Official NFL 49ers Team Photographer Terrell Llyod about his beginnings, career, and motivations about being a Pro Photographer in the NFL. Read more about Llyod’s background and experiences. 
Xposure 101 Detroit 
  1. Llyod talks the different types of sports he photographs for San Jose State  
  2. His first wow I am on the sidelines moments
  3. Some of the best advice he got starting out as a pro
  4. How he transitioned from his IT Job to a Professional Photographer 
  5. Why he starting speaking as a photographer 
  6. What does it take to photograph professional sports 
  7. What’s it like traveling with an NFL Team as a photographer
  8. Llyod describes what it is like on the sidelines of the Super Bowl 
  9. How do you get started as a Pro Sports Photographer
  10. How does Terrell Lloyd see himself as a photographer 

Avoid the Low Hanging Fruit if You Want to Scale Your Photo Business

April 23, 2017

Do you feel like your business is stalled, not growing, or scaling? Most of your challenges in this situation in based on your mindset, which I call a low hanging fruit dollar store mentality.  

In this edition of the KBD Zone Keith talks about the low hanging fruit. Human nature is to take the path of least resistance in a challenging situation. Keith talks about his thoughts on:

  1. Needing more money in your life
  2. Easy, Quick and Fast Opportunities 
  3. The Dollar Store Mentality 
  4. The Luxury Store Mentality 
  5. Conditioning for Change 
  6. Expectations 
  7. Get the Longest Ladder Possible
  8. The Fruit Loop
  9. Innovating Your Thoughts Often 
  10. Building a Fruitful Path

This podcast is for the entrepreneur, creative, and business owner.  



Creatives: Challenges are Just a Part of Everyday Life

April 17, 2017

The Core Point

As a photographer, creative, and future owner you are going to experience a lot of ups and downs. Whether positive or negative, challenges are all a normal part of growth. In 8 minutes Keith breaks down the “Why” of how important challenges are.


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Customer Service Hacks that will Enhance Your Photography Business

April 12, 2017

This is an unedited recording of the live broadcast on Periscope and YouTube

Recently United Airlines involuntary dragged a passenger from his seat. This has been a PR nightmare the airline. Keith discusses how customer service and public relations are vital to your business and growth. He states you have to be clear on your policy and not leave it open to interpretation.