When is to much technology enough?

July 16, 2017
On this edition of Post Cast 71617, Keith talks about technology, specifically on how apps and processes help us, and how sometimes we over applicate, or use technology in a way that causes to lose touch with traditional ourselves and clients.   
During this podcast, Keith also shares his views on how technology affects our lives and decision as business owners and everyday people. Keith also shares his thought on the following:
  1. This App that App; how many Apps do we need?
  2. We Use Apps for Everything is that important or a way to profit
  3. Does it Work For You, if so, keep using it? 
  4. Cost Factors aren't always related to money!
  5. Productivity- is technology making you better?
  6. Workflow is a part of our everyday life even our personal life 
  7. Consistency is a big part of how technology prove itself valuable