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EP #18- The Business of Photographing Real Estate

February 10, 2018

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About this Podcast
Are you interested in photographing residential properties?  Real Estate Photography is one of the rare areas of photography very few photographers work. Most photographers who do start out in architectural photography or photographing interiors start out in residential. Working with realtors and making images can be a challenging process because most them are just starting out or they are well established and already have a relationship with a photographer. On this podcast, Keith talks about 8 points.
1. Getting Business
2. My Realtor Experience
3. Pricing
4. Gear
5. Style
6. The Long Game
7. Volume Work
8. Quality of Work
About Keith 
Keith B Dixon is a freelance commercial photographer, specializing in corporate event photography, corporate executive and on-location, group portraits. Throughout his career, he has photographed high profile clients including the U.S. Chief Judges of the U.S. Appellate Courts, several Bay Area Executives and many celebrities from around the world. Keith has also worked with corporate clients across the United States and abroad. He is an Official Ambassador for Dye  Sub Printer Maker DNP Imaging of America, NETGEAR (the number one producer of Networking and Cloud-Based Storage), and affiliations to Spider Holster, Think Tank, and Arkon Mounts. He is a legend on social media, known for creating The Keith B. Dixon Zone on Periscope and Facebook Live and is the founding member of the well know Bomb Squad Photography Community.
In 2015, Keith was ranked #3 in the world as a Cloud-Based Influencer by Onalytica. He also created a series of free workshop for beginning photographers, the Keith B. Dixon Meetups, and somewhere in the midst of all this, still finds time to serve as the PPA Diversity Co-Chairperson within his industry. More than just a photographer or a social media guru, Keith is a true trailblazer, paving the way and educating those coming behind him.
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