Avoid the Low Hanging Fruit if You Want to Scale Your Photo Business

April 23, 2017

Do you feel like your business is stalled, not growing, or scaling? Most of your challenges in this situation in based on your mindset, which I call a low hanging fruit dollar store mentality.  

In this edition of the KBD Zone Keith talks about the low hanging fruit. Human nature is to take the path of least resistance in a challenging situation. Keith talks about his thoughts on:

  1. Needing more money in your life
  2. Easy, Quick and Fast Opportunities 
  3. The Dollar Store Mentality 
  4. The Luxury Store Mentality 
  5. Conditioning for Change 
  6. Expectations 
  7. Get the Longest Ladder Possible
  8. The Fruit Loop
  9. Innovating Your Thoughts Often 
  10. Building a Fruitful Path

This podcast is for the entrepreneur, creative, and business owner.