An Interview with Official NFL 49ers Team Photographer Terrell Llyod

May 29, 2017
On this Pod Cast, Keith B Dixon interviews Official NFL 49ers Team Photographer Terrell Llyod about his beginnings, career, and motivations about being a Pro Photographer in the NFL. Read more about Llyod’s background and experiences. 
Xposure 101 Detroit 
  1. Llyod talks the different types of sports he photographs for San Jose State  
  2. His first wow I am on the sidelines moments
  3. Some of the best advice he got starting out as a pro
  4. How he transitioned from his IT Job to a Professional Photographer 
  5. Why he starting speaking as a photographer 
  6. What does it take to photograph professional sports 
  7. What’s it like traveling with an NFL Team as a photographer
  8. Llyod describes what it is like on the sidelines of the Super Bowl 
  9. How do you get started as a Pro Sports Photographer
  10. How does Terrell Lloyd see himself as a photographer