A Interview with Celebrity Fashion Photographer Matthew Jordan Smith

June 17, 2017
Matthew Jordan Smith, a New York Native, best known for his work on America Top Model and his images he has created for Samuel L Jackson, Oprah, and hundreds of ad campaigns. Matthew has also worked with some biggest executives in the world photographing headshots and editorial features.

As an educator, Matthew has appeared on Creative Live and recently published Future American President

"Future American President is a visual journey of the American dream seen through the eyes of our least cynical and most helpful citizens, our children. Conceived and brought to life by renowned photographer Matthew Jordan Smith, it is a reminder that every child has the right to aspire to greatness and ultimately achieve it. Matthew's pictures celebrate the best of the American spirit while inspiring children to dream big and never give up……..”


Matthew has an image on Display in Smithsonian National African American Museum of History and Culture, and he is a recipient of the Xposure 101 Legends Award.