The Keith B Dixon Zone


March 13, 2017
Keith B. Dixon is a Freelance Commercial Photographer, who specializes in corporate event photography (Print-On-Site), corporate executive and large group portraits on location. Keith has photographed high profile clients such as the US Chief Judges of the US Appellate Courts and several other Bay Area Executives and Celebrities from around the world.

Keith has photographed images for agencies, marketing firms, and PR firms across the US and abroad. Keith is an Official Ambassador for Dye Sub Printer Maker DNP Imaging of America, NETGEAR the number one producer of Networking and Cloud Based Storage, and affiliations to Spider Holster, Think Tank, and Arkon Mounts.

Social Media:

Keith is known as the “Hitt Mann,” and creator of “The Keith B Dixon Zone" on Periscope and Facebook Live. He is also the founding member of the “BombSquad Photography Community.” Keith’s live stream reaches about 6,000 beginners, Intermediate, and advanced photographers every month. Keith Periscope has reached 10 million plus hearts with only 1700 members. Keith’s content focuses on the business of photography, education, and training.

In 2015, Keith was ranked #3 in the world as a Cloud Based Influencer by Onalytica for providing cloud-based storage content solutions for photographers. Recently Keith Twitter feed Keith has built a social media presence on Twitter that is now reaching beyond 44k and 500k to 1.6 million impressions every 28 days and as much as 5 million in 2015. Keith is also the creator and co-founder of the Keith B Dixon Meetups, “The C” (A free eight-week workshop for beginning photographers)


Co-Founder Camera Artist Summit Detroit
Co-Founder Xposure 101 Detroit 2017


Spider Holster
Arkon Mounts

Industry Affiliations:

Professional Photographers of (PPA Diversity Leadership Member)
Nikon Professional Services Photographer